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3 Links About Mothers, Learning, and Being a Renaissance Man

With only a couple days left until you celebrate yo momma making sweet, sweet love and bringing you into this world, I wanted to equip you with one more article to share with her in case you forgot to pick up a card to grab some flowers.  This one’s on me, you’re welcome.

I did, however, also come across a couple great literary morsels for you to snack on at the end of the week.

Here’s what’s packed into The Bindle this week:

  • On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas
  • What I’ve Learned About Learning
  • The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades

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On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself?  Maybe bummed out because it feels like life dealt you a shitty hand?  We all have our unique stories that deal with our struggles and facing adversity, but I would guess to say that they don’t compare to the challenges faced by Jonathan Morrow and his mother.  I’ve bookmarked this piece, read it multiple times, and I always come away inspired and motivated; every time.  If you read only one article from The Bindle this week, make it this one.


What I’ve Learned About Learning

Learning is like a drug.  Once you’ve had a taste of what it feels like to expand your mind and stretch you limits, you never what to stop.  You find yourself up late at night, peering nervously into the window of your local library, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your pal, the librarian, to open the damn doors already so you can get your fix.  Leo Babauta discusses what he believes to be the key to learning: fascination.


The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades

I’ve had the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none,” thrown my way more times than I can count.  For a while, it bothered me that I would never be a master; at least one I could talk about with my family.  Then I started to embrace the fact I have interest in a plethora of different things and HoboDrifter became my calling card.  If you have a tough time narrowing down what it is you “should” master, fear no more, because Tim Ferriss discusses why he loves and enjoys all the variety life has to offer.


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