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11Why I Live The Way I Live

25Merry Christmas
1Why Taking Chances is Worth The Risk
8Drowning in A Sea of Noise
3One Day…
15The Fisherman
5How We Measure Life & The Secret to Stretching Time

11A Simple Exchange of Words
29A Few Seconds to Change Your Day
21Giving Thanks for America’s Most Overlooked Holiday
15Moving Forward From The Past
7Traveling Down The Unknown Path
17Notice: You Are Free to…
9Clearing The Air: I Need to Be Honest… and weird… and random
8Welcome to Planet Earth; You Are Here to Seek Joy
3What Happens When We Push Beyond Our Limits?
19What To Do When You Come To A Fork in The Road
12When Everything Sucks… Persevere
7Plow Through Painfully Boring Work With These 5 Tips
31Peeling Away The Nonessential
23The Best Way to Start Your Day (…ever)
17The Secret to Overnight Success
14The Station
8In Search of The Missing Puzzle Piece
31You May Not Believe What I Just Did
24The Teachings of A Best Friend
16Why Facebook and I Are Getting Back Together (Well, More Like Friends with Benefits)
13A Mysterious Green Flash
11Stop Being a Bitch
9One Thing You Need to Know Before Taking Your Dreams Public
29The Single Most Important Rule of Pleasing Everyone
25Made From The Best Stuff on Earth
20The Cure for “Someday”
18The Most Valuable Thing You Will Ever Own
13The Value of a Friend
11When All You Need is One Green Light
6No Job Is Ever Be Beneath You
30A Small, Yet Powerful Gesture
253 Links Celebrating the Best Kind of Ships
23The Revolving Door
21When Something is Missing & How to Fix It
183 Links You Need to Read Before They Change
16Are You Where You’re Meant to Be?
14Finding Strength to Be Bold
113 Links About Mothers, Learning, and Being a Renaissance Man
9Mother & Son: An Everlasting Bond
7What Do You Love Most About Your Mother?
43 Links to Keep You Marchin’ On
30What Time Is It?! AZ Air Time!
275 Links Guaranteed to Make Your Cheeks Hurt
23I Had to Get This Off My Chest, and Now I’m Late For Work
20The Bindle: 3 Links to Enhance Your Journey
16You Reap What You Sew
11It’s Tough Being Born In The Shadow of Greatness
4My Secret Love Affair
28My Little Known Secret to Increase Productivity
21Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Your Ideas Right Over
14No Thank You, I Brought My Own
7He’s Not a Dumbphone, He’s Just… Special
29366: Is It More Than A Number?
22Blink & You’re There
14Hey Cupid, Please Don’t Shoot at My Head
8Time to Just Be
1Jesus Saves
24New Content, A New Direction and $1,000,000
18Opportunity Amongst Uncertainty
12Can I Lend You A Hand?
4Soaking In Serenity

29The New Year Had Me Seeing Red
21The Spirit of Kringle
14Two Feet to A Mile
7I Dreamt A Dream That Was Meant For Me
1A New Version of HoboDrifter (2.0) is Available, Would You Like To Download it Now?
28Just Another Day at The Office, Depot
21The Radical Appreciation Project
14How Being Viewed as an Idiot Can Actually Benefit You
7His Name Is Robert Ross
31Back To The… Past
19What Did You Do Today?
8Dear Facebook, It’s Not Me, It’s You
16Mission: Hopefully Not Impossible
3Can I Bear My Soul to You For A Quick Sec?
10A Night Much Like Any Other
20Heading Back Home: The Challenge of a Lifetime
23A Lesson In Life From Rocky
18The Power of Perspective
17What is This HoboDrifter You Speak of?
9What A Mother Deserves
14Sharing Some Love

11A Hobo Hiatus
21OK, My Travels Aren’t Completely Over… but They’re Slowing Down, so Savor the Ride
18A Change of Direction, but Still a HoboDrifter at Heart
1A Follow Up, Life after HoboDrifting
12Some Extra Tips For Two of My Favorite Countries
22Funding Project for More Travels is Underway
5This is the Last Stop… El Oso y el Madroño de Madrid
30Lisbon & The Mystical Sintra
28The Final Two Yet To Come
23The Official Sign Off… for Europe
21It’s Taken Some Dedication
18Travel Update #9 (and possibly my last… tear)
17Tarifa to Tangier, 2 Continents In One Day
17Sevilla and The Simple Beauty of Andalusia
16Valencia and The Festival of Las Fallas
14¡Me Encanta Barcelona! (I Love Barcelona!)
11Down in Old Napoli, That’s Amore
9When in Rome…
9It’s on the Way…
2Cinque Terre & A Lunch Date with A Leaning Tower
27The End of The Month… Foreshadowing The End of My Adventures, For Now
25Florence, The Capital of Tuscany and So Much More
25The Venice of the North, East, No Wait… This is The Real Venice This Time
22From Zurich to Zermatt, with Interlaken In Between
21I’m Back!
17Travel Update #8
17Let’s Just Take Care of the Rest of Austria in One Fell Swoop: Salzburg & Innsbruck
14Wiener Schnitzel! (weird how most of my titles refer to food)
13Gone Hiking
12Wienerpics Are Delicious!
10Czech Please…
8Hobodrifting Tips and Tricks: Hostel Life
8Travel Update #7
5New Videos & Photos!
5Love To Drink Beer? Let’s Go To Munich
4Travel Update #6
4The Fall of The Wall… Almost Old Enough to Drink
31Travel Update #5
30Visiting Sachsenhausen, A Trip Not Soon to Be Forgotten
28Amsterdam: More Than Coffee Shops and Red Lights
27Travel Update #4
26Waffles, Chocolate, and Beer Oh My!
25The Land of Eiffel & Crepes
24Travel Update #3
24The Expat Adventure After 2 Weeks
20Travel Update #2
19All About London…
18Transportation Review #1
17Travel Update! #1
17Expand Your Horizons and Who Knows What’ll Happen
14Changing Cities… Try Changing Lifestyles
12Welcome to HoboDrifter.com!

30The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship…