A Few Seconds to Change Your Day

A hug.

It’s a simple gesture that can mean so much.  It could be an expression of love, affection, empathy, intimacy, appreciation, compassion, gratitude, friendship, excitement, joy, and elation.

They typically last no more than a few seconds, but their effects live on long after the embrace is over.  Physical contact has an interesting way of changing us – mentally, emotionally, and physiologically.  As our daily lives become more and more digital, I find myself yearning for a more tangible world.

I need human interaction.

I love giving hugs and I love receiving them.  I hug friends, co-workers, family members, new acquaintances, and sometimes even complete strangers.  Not only does it make me feel better, but seeing a smile, look of relief, or sometimes even shock on their face as I unclasp my arms and step back is a priceless experience.

So, give someone a hug today.

Your best friend, brother, spouse, mom, boss, neighbor, mailman, cubicle partner, librarian, barista, server, or even your dog.

But you have to make it genuine.  None of that ass out middle school dance hug, or one arm around the shoulder side hug, or bro-shake hug combo that’s more of a face-to-face pat on the back.

I’m talking about a real hug.  Both arms around the person, solid squeeze, I care-about-you hug.

You might just change someone’s day… and it could be you.


Enjoy The Journey


Photo credit: derriel street photography

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